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Here is a haiku about a fellow English teacher who had a very negative reaction when I created a freshman English unit about racism i the US, featuring q three works of fiction comparison between a standard book TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD with an earlier short story collection- Uncle Tom's Children ( his first book) and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman by Ernest Gaines. I had been hired mainly because I experience bringing in "other " American writers sinc e in the high school's most recent evaluatoin they been cited by the state as being severely deficient in having " very few women writers and hardly any writers of color" ( the eupheimism before biopc_I..

I was told, " We're glad you're here, but aren't you overdoing it?"

"How's that?"

"Well, you have onlly one white writer, but you have TWO by black writers."

I looked out the window to the school' parking lot to count the amouant of covered wagons. Sure enough, among a facult and admdnstratn staff of 80 there wer fifteen covered wagons.

The year was 1993. And in all classs, the were rows and rows of students in lines, like a modern day assemblly line.

Consider. Your daughter or son spends twelve years g oing back and forth. They read a scene abouwt a lynching, then the bell rings and they are off to tessalations in geometry or they dissect earthworms in biollogy

Here's the haiku: I rufflle feathers/ Prim, fussy roosters/ Each time I soar by.

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