We take our version of TUG OF WHA???? very seriously here at the revival of the most popular candy store in the nineteen fifties in the US, the tastiest most unbeatable BeauandMo's Turkish Taffy (formerly Bonamo's Turkish Taffy.)

Most of our employees are world class body builders. With lots pull.Stay une,e

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"We take tug-of-war very seriously around here," said High Chancellor Gorznak, staring down at the astonished diplomat.

“But,” the diplomat spluttered, “This war between your planets has been going on for five centuries! Millions of lives have been lost! I’ve been sent by the Galactic Alliance of Free Systems to resolve this matter as a last resort before we intervene and now… you’re going to settle it all by two teams pulling on a rope?”

“No,” Gorznak said, seizing the diplomat’s arm and striding towards the arena. “We are. You’re on my side, you know! I won the coin toss!”

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