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I’ve never been very good at following instructions. Reservoir Dogs started playing in my head after reading your prompt.

We saw Reservoir Dogs at the Ritz Theater in Philadelphia when it came out. Matt a tech guy from work joined my girlfriend and me. After the movie he took some Pepto and asked why we would EVER make him watch that. He never went to another movie with us.

Meanwhile my girlfriend was in love with Mr. Blonde and we bought the Mr. Blonde version of the DVD and the soundtrack so we could listen to Stealers Wheel and intros from Stephen Wright.

Maybe I’ll watch it again this weekend.

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This is way late. I hope you enjoy

Billy the Key

Ann Gauger

October 9, 2023

It was the dustiest day of the summer,

So thick that the sun didn't shine,

When Billy walked into the lumber

Piled up by the dust-covered sign.

Now Billy was not there for pleasure

He sure wasn't there for a trim

He wanted the bank's hidden treasure.

He thought it belonged to him.

His ma, as she lay a'dyin,

pressed a key into his hand

She died and he was a'cryin

He never asked about the plan.

Billy got up, again he was careless.

He knew not where he was goin'

So he walked into Sheriff Ferris

Knocked him over, then he lay a'moanin,'

For sure the Sheriff broke his hip.

Billy gaped, dropped the key in the dirt

The key gave a little hop, jump, and skip,

And slid under the sheriff's skirt.

I forgot to say this was Scotland,

Ya ken now the men there wear kilts.

Poor Billy was wishin' he'd got one

of those pushcarts the blacksmith built.

He could lift up the sheriff, install him,

and push him to Doc McClain.

when he picked him up, the key would fall.

He could grab it and not be seen.

The sheriff saw, and Billy did freeze.

"What's in your hand, Billy son?"

Billy cried,"Ma left me this key.

I don't ken what's to be done.

There's somethin' in the bank

will fit this damn dirty key.

I broke your blessed hip.

but you'll not take away my key."

"First you take me to the doctor,"

Said Sheriff Ferris to him.

"I'll send for Hugh the banker

He'll see if the key will fit in."

Sheriff Ferris was a wise man.

He knew the poor fool Billy

Needed him to make a plan.

Or Billy would do something silly.

The bank agreed to all they asked.

Next day to the bank they came.

Sure and it all happened fast!

Billy was anxious all the same.

A black box held enough bank notes

for Billy to learn a trade,

and to watch out in the road,

So a happy life he could lead.

The sheriff said, " I forgive you,

you don't wish to hurt anyone.

But your feet-- for 'sure I tell you,

they must be the devil's spawn."

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I haven't been good at following instructions either. But I love writing doggerel. So I hope Heather sees the bit of doggerel I've posted below,

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