"Hey Bob, did ya find Benji?" The voice came from a young soldier who was surveying the battlefield.

The Mercenaries of Na Saorsa nan raointean mòra had been in an all out conflict with the Kingdom across the river. Unlike most battles, this one had been over the Soldiers of the Kingdom across the river, stopping free caravans and kidnapping people. Finally, the Mercenaries had had enough.

"Yep," answered the grizzled old ranger in the color shifting cloak. "At least I think I did."

The soldier made his way across the battle site. "What do you mean, you think ... " The soldier took a look at what was left of his friend. His face had been half transmogrified into that of an eel, and a pair of misshapen wings had started to erupt from his back. The soldier took a deep breath, turned green, and took three steps to throw up in the grass. "Why does it smell so bad?"

The ranger, who was used to stranger things, carefully turned the body over and winced at the elongated ribs that had punctured the skin from within, in effect turning the body inside out. "If I had to guess, they had a plague mage in their crew." He carefully prodded the body with the tip of his sword. "Or maybe a necromancer working with a plague mage. You can tell where they tried to raise him from the dead, and his body couldn't take it."

The soldier glanced up at the ranger. "This isn't the strangest thing you've ever seen, is it?"

"Not by a long shot," The ranger answered matter-of-factly.

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They found the teacher in the reading chair.

A bunch of new books was leanining on the floor.

HEAD of the Stack threw a look around,

"Wow. People, check it out.This old geezer is dead. He got a huge hole in his head "

"That's his mouth. What's with the all cardboad ? "

"Lots of possibilities. He got BORED,tired and choked to DEATH."

"No, dude. I think it was the gas, the principal emits it; after two hours, its dangerous."

"This gives a symbol, no?""

'yes AND no, you lucky bastard;we are having a SEE ME SEAMY c'mesreCamille Here'sthedealoday-

"I have no idea what you are trying to say (you ARE trying no?}

:Symbol Sigh Man Met a Pi Man Goiing Through Dreamology U

If I wear the letter A can I get a lay and the latest Derrida

Said symbol siemanto thePieman, hey here can I get throughhere

Yes, and what would you likefor your career????

to be continued in thea

"vss d v v

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