Jun 2, 2022 • 3M

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Heather L Huffman
Writing and poetry prompts and audio newsletter
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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I am so excited to share the pieces from May’s prompt of BIRDS. First up is Nicole Rivera with Are You Listening. You can find Nicole at all things Stop Writing Alone. Next is Arionna Huffman with Grounded. Lastly Queen of Crows by Heather Huffman.(me) You can find me at all thing Sprinkled Inspiration.

How it works-

On the first of every month I will give you a prompt. Once you’ve written your piece call Sprinkled Inspiration at 616-795-9886 and leave up to a three minute voicemail with your name, any social media handles you would like shared, and the piece you’ve written.*I will choose ten to include in next months newsletter. If you are uncomfortable using your name state that in your voicemail and I will post it as anonymous.

*By leaving the voicemail you give Sprinkled Inspiration permission to use your work in the newsletter, podcast, and/or any other social media promotions. You retain all rights to your work.

The prompt: SUMMERTIME

voicemails must be left by midnight ET on June 23, 2022

Thank you and have an inspired day!